No-one really understands executives. Unless you’ve been one yourself.

As an executive of a global corporate and investment bank, I have worked closely with leaders of major corporations for 25 years. I am familiar with their everyday reality, their fascination, but also their risks and challenges. I have experienced all the highs and lows of an executive myself. This experience cannot guarantee success – but it helps.

As an executive coach and management trainer, I am well-versed in your unique challenges. So, I therefore know how you can work more successfully.

I can help you to manage critical and conflict-ridden situations. And to turn problems into opportunities.

I will inspire you to use your resources more effectively so that you can move forward with vigour and fully exploit your potential.

And I will support you on your journey to becoming an exceptional leader – mindful of striking the right balance between your career goals and your personal values.  

It may be lonely at the top – but there’s someone who understands you.

How to make your words carry more weight?

Successful communication is a key requirement for greater success.

Reorientation – how exactly?

Identifying and mastering new opportunities and challenges.