The Art of Separation 20HERTZ Newsletter – Q2 2020

Strangely enough, a termination often feels like a disenchanted love. When separation seems inevitable we ask ourselves: “How do you hold onto someone who won’t stay? And how do you get rid of someone who won’t go?” (Danny DeVito in “The War of the Roses”)
When separation is in the air, emotions boil up – on both sides. The psychological consequences of a broken love have been sufficiently studied. Either we withdraw and drown in fear and depression. Or anger and aggression force us to wage war. The same happens in our heads when we are confronted with a termination…

Happy with your job? – Think again! 20HERTZ Newsletter – Q1 2019

Actually, you are successful! Your business card features a prominent logo and a title that proves that you have made something of yourself. The monthly pay check guarantees you and your family a comfortable life with at least one eventful holiday per year. After retirement savings and a mortgage have also been paid, there is enough left to accommodate various wishes outside the traditional holidays. You’ve got it all figured out and you feel your work-life balance is at least okay.
Sometimes, you even have the impression that some of your friends and acquaintances envy you for your job. However, you ask yourself how they can get this idea, because you haven’t been really happy for a long time. If this seems familiar to you, you should ask yourself these 5 questions …

Promotion – Risk of Failure? 20HERTZ Newsletter – Q3 2018

Finally! You’ve got the job you’ve been working for so hard. Either you’ve made an internal career leap because you’ve consistently delivered for years. Or you have emerged as the winner from an external executive search process. In any case, you have proven professional expertise and profound experience and convinced as an inspiring leader.
Here’s the bad news: Your chance to fail now is significant! With external hires, for example, 25-40% of all candidates fail in the first 12-18 months*, rarely due to lack of competence or experience, but often because of a failed start.
A promotion doesn’t just mean more …

Leave With Dignity – Restart With A Clear Head, 20HERTZ Newsletter – Q2 2018

This is a real story about a manager who lost his job. He ran a business division globally, had responsibility for a substantial revenue volume, was deeply involved in client relationships and led a large team of experienced professionals. Once he used to be a “big shot” in his firm. But, he didn’t read the signs of the internal politics correctly and lost a crucial battle. Thereupon he got fired end of last year. You may think this happens all the time. Noteworthy though is how he left the firm.

Be Yourself – Authentic Leaders, 20HERTZ Newsletter – Q1 2018

Authenticity is often referred to as “the courage to be yourself”. This sounds easy as in our inner core we all know who we truly are. We are fully aware of our dreams and visions, also our strengths and weaknesses. Most of us even reflect on our values. So, why not simply live true to ourselves.

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