From Good to Great.

As someone with high potential, you are well on your way to the top, and are looking to refine and develop your leadership qualities. To help you on your way, 20Hertz Management Training will provide you with a consistent theory, a manager’s guiding thread for practical implementation, as well as insights from the 25-year executive career of Dr Karsten Wetwitschka, with a range of specific examples. You’ll see that leaders are not born but made. And you’ll benefit from the personal experiences of the other executives taking part in the session.

20Hertz Management Training is a series of workshops for maximum of six executives, all of whom come from different companies. 20Hertz Management Training also offers internal sessions specifically tailored to the needs of your company and your executives.

Führungskompetenz I – „Wirksam führen“
Führungskompetenz II – „Authentisch führen“

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